Test Facilities

Test Facilities at CamMotive

Our E-testing facilities include a 4WD chassis dynamometer, a 4WD hub dyno system and an e-motor dyno. The test cells are fitted with equipment and instrumentation for electric powertrain testing, including battery emulation and electrical power analysers. All of our highly-qualified engineers are directly involved in operation of the test facilities, promoting a hands-on and productive approach to solving technical challenges. Extensive in-house development of test system hardware and software means that we are able to offer an innovative, flexible approach which is essential for meeting new challenges.

E-Motor Dynamometer

CamMotive has test cells equipped for E-motor testing. These cells include temperature control and coolant and oil conditioning. Tests can be run down to -20°C.

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Chassis Dynamometer

CamMotive’s 2WD and 4WD chassis dynamometers are equipped with robot drivers to provide the highest throughput and repeatability.

When combined with extensive instrumentation options, these facilities are an ideal platform for calibration development, hardware assessment or vehicle benchmarking. The chassis dynamometers are equipped with charging infrastructure to support electric vehicle testing.

4WD Hub Dyno

A 4WD hub dyno system has recently been completed. The system is equipped with 4 high-performance permanent magnet dynos with 240 kW of absorption capacity per wheel. This facility is a flexible test cell, capable of running full vehicles or transaxle arrangements and it is equipped with a 500 kW battery simulator.

Battery Test Rig

CamMotive has battery test capabilities using its battery cyclers to load and charge batteries as required. These can run steady-state and dynamic tests, including simulation of duty cycles measured from vehicle tests. Currently battery module testing is supported up to 60 V and 600 A but a new pack-level test facility is planned. To support battery testing, CamMotive has developed its own Battery Management System (BMS) for the test environment to control and protect the battery during the test process.

Equipment and instrumentation

Battery Emulation

CamMotive has battery emulators for testing EV components and systems. Battery emulators are available at a range of voltage and power levels – from 48 V mild hybrid to 1000 V and 500 kW for full BEV testing. The battery emulators can be used for testing powertrain systems or for component-level tests – e.g. for battery testing.

Electrical Power Analysis

CamMotive has equipment available for high-frequency power analysis of motor and power electronics. This equipment can be used for in-vehicle testing or for component testing.