Vehicle Benchmarking

CamMotive can provide a vehicle benchmarking service, for anything from an ICE to a full EV. This can involve any combination of:

  • Tear-down of individual components
  • Installation of measurement equipment for analysis of the performance of the battery, power electronics and motor
  • Running tests under a range of conditions
  • Analysing the data and reporting on the results

Control Strategy and Calibration

The team behind CamMotive has many years of experience with control systems for powertrains and test equipment. CamMotive is able to develop bespoke control systems for a wide range of purposes using a range of different hardware and software platforms. The test equipment within the CamMotive test facility is largely controlled by control systems developed in-house. This has the benefit of allowing modifications to be made to suit any unusual requirements for a particular device under test.

Powertrain control strategy can be developed:

  • For implementation in series production control systems.
  • To support hardware testing
  • Simulating elements of the powertrain that are not part of the test hardware in-the-loop.
  • For prototyping control systems for new hardware under test

Measurement and Testing

CamMotive has a strong heritage in measurement and testing through its parent company, Cambustion. Cambustion has been involved in a wide range of projects, using its established test facilities and bespoke test rigs. CamMotive is able to design and build test rigs for specific purposes.